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Our mission

Improving itself without conceding from quality since 1993 and offering best for its consumers with products more advanced than current technology and always presenting firsts; R E X Engineering carries on offering service and innovation with its structure determining and maintaining quality standards of the sector.

Today in Bulgaria, bringing most advanced devices produced for treasure hunting, R E X  Engineering offers a more advanced technology than in Europe related to every type of underground explorations with knowledge gained by long term research and experiments and ground covered by its customers’ confidence.

Well-known by everyone interested in Detector technologies and meeting most of the requirements of the market with its smooth and quality service concept, and having a deserved reputation in its field; R E X  Engineering continues to improve its quality standard in the sector by continuous development and innovation


Our Mission

As R E X  ENGINEERING; continuously improving our every technological and corporate infrastructure; we are a reliable and sector leader company adopted accurately analyzing our customers’ needs and offering correct product intended for needs with appropriate conditions, and also constituted a quality standard in the sector by activities.


Our Vision

Sustaining our company’s sector pioneer and leader position and maintaining our reputation derived from our experience,Sustaining our pretence to be a confidence factor of the sector with our unique customer sensitivity at every of our sales and after sales activities,Preparing infrastructure of R&D studies by planning every type of demands coming from our customers in order to turn correct production results,Providing perfect help to our customers in very field needed,Continuously improving with our constant and relentless honesty approach,Protecting the rights of our employees and customers, and always meeting their expectations,

By use of all facilities which the technology and the age brought to the world and with one hundred percent customer satisfaction; estimating potential demands and new requests and operating towards this by taking precautions; are our main targets.


Last news..

We're always looking for strong, results-oriented companies and people to represent our work of art all over the world. If you're interested in becoming a dealer see the contact page. We are look forward to your business proposal. Your business will be to grow in a whole new way with us. The benefits are endless.