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Coils: ellipse 22x32cm, 36cm, 45cm.

There are 3 types of universal cables with a length of 4.6m; 6.8m and 8m.
Frames of different sizes and shapes can be made with them:
- square frames: 1x1m; 1x3 m.; 50x50cm, 60x60cm, 88x88cm, 1.10x1.10m; 1.60x1.60m; 2x2m.
- octagonal - 70cm and 140cm - use one and the same universal cable.
The frames 60x60cm / 88x88 c / 110x110cm - 160x160cm. (and also octagonal coils 70cm and 140cm) has the possibility to disassemble into a set of pipes with a length of 55cm, which is very convenient for transportation.
Other sets 1x1m / 2x2m 1x3m and 50x50cm are made from pipes 1m long.
There are three variants of the frame sets (square or octagonal), depending on the universal cable:
1.) one cable + tubes for square frames: 1x1m / 2x2m and 1x3m (pipes are 1m long)
2.) one cable + pipes for square frames: 86x86 cm and 1.60 x 1.60m. (pipes are 55cm long)
3.) one cable + pipes for octagonal frames 70cm and 140cm (pipes are 55cm long)
Standard sets are supplied with a 4.6m or 8m length universal search cable - actually freeform, but it's like 2x2x2x2m, for example. Can be used as a 2x2m (also possible 1x3m),  or 1x1m square frame, after folding in half, or 50x50cm. with double folding. It takes up little space and has a low weight. So, the user has 4 frames at once. Also, don't need to buy so many different frames.
Octagonal frames are also very convenient to use because they are very compatible with the round shape, which is the better than square.







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